Lautus launched the first de-alcoholised wine in South Africa in 2017. 

Driven by the vision of our founder and winemaker, Reg Holder, we set out to create a non-alcoholic option that captured the depth and elegance of a premium wine.

We achieve this through our unique approach to wine. State-of-the-art technology removes alcohol, while traditional winemaking methods ensure exceptional quality. Just like all other wines, our journey begins in the vineyard. We source grapes from hand-picked regions, known for their terroir and quality. 

Today, Lautus graces the shelves of leading retailers and restaurants. Experience the world of beautiful wine, without the alcohol. Choose Lautus.


Unlocking the Flavour Without the Alcohol

We craft our delicious de-alcoholised wines using the same methods as traditional wines. During the initial fermentation, we capture all the wonderful aromas and flavours that make each grape unique.

Here's the magic: we gently remove the alcohol at low temperatures using a special spinning cone technology. It's like a two-step dance!

Step 1: Flavour First: We carefully preserve all the fruity, floral, and spicy notes you love in wine before removing the alcohol.

Step 2: Alcohol Adieu: In the second step, we say goodbye to the alcohol, leaving behind the delicious flavours we saved.

Reunited and It Feels So Good: Finally, we bring those delightful flavours back together with the de-alcoholised wine, creating a full-bodied experience without the alcohol.

Think of it like building a delicious puzzle: we take out just one piece (the alcohol) and put everything else back together perfectly.

Rest assured, we only use safe and approved additions, following all winemaking regulations. Just like regular wine, your Lautus de-alcoholised wine is then bottled for you to enjoy!



Reg Holder's story is one deeply entwined with the world of wine. Growing up on the West Coast of South Africa, in the heart of the Olifants River Valley winemaking region, he was surrounded by vineyards from a young age. Even today, the family farm flourishes, providing grapes for Lautus' very own Savvy Red.

Driven by a passion for both the science and art of winemaking, Reg earned a BSc in Agriculture (Viticulture and Enology) from Stellenbosch University in 2003. He furthered his education with a BCom in Financial Management from Unisa in 2013.

Seeking diverse experiences, Reg embarked on a global wine adventure, working in renowned wine regions of France, Australia, and the USA from 2004 to 2005. Upon returning to South Africa, he honed his craft as a winemaker at Neil Ellis Wines (2006-2011). His talent and dedication led him to become Cellarmaster and later General Manager of Delheim (2011-2017).

In 2018, fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering passion for innovation, Reg took a bold leap of faith, dedicating himself full-time to Lautus.

  • A Terroir Enthusiast at Heart:

    Reg's love affair with wine goes beyond the cellar. He's a true "terroir enthusiast," fascinated by the unique influence each growing region has on the final product. His thirst for knowledge extends to the world of chemistry, where he thrives on experimentation and pushing boundaries.

  • Beyond the Vineyard:

    When he's not creating exceptional de-alcoholised wines, Reg is a devoted family man. He resides in Stellenbosch with his wife, Mia, their three children, and Frans, their beloved Wirehaired Fox Terrier adopted during lockdown. You'll often find him most at ease in the vineyards, sporting his trusty vellies alongside his four-legged companion.