Sober Up for Breast Health Awareness

Sober Up for Breast Health Awareness

Stellenbosch, South Africa; October is the month to go sober, but it also marks the month of breast health awareness. To give up alcohol is no easy task but Lautus’ range of de-alcoholised wines provides a pure, elegant and true varietal character to your wine experience without the consequences of alcoholic content.

Studies have recently linked alcohol consumption to an increase risk of breast cancer and with the festive season of overindulgence ahead, it’s the perfect month to abstain from alcohol, realign your values and promote health and wellbeing in the fight against cancer.

Since its launch in 2017 with the Savvy White, Lautus has developed a Savvy Red, Rosé and Sparkling to the selection of no-guilt wines. Produced using traditional winemaking practices, the pure and elegant flavours of the wine remains but with less than 0,5% alcohol by volume.

After vinification, great care is taken to work as gently as possible to retain all the beautiful flavours from fermentation. The alcohol removal is done with a spinning cone at low temperatures under vacuum. This technology uses thin fill evaporation created by the rotation of cones in the removal of aroma and alcohol. Removal is done in two passes; during the first pass, 100% of the wine’s volatile flavour and aromatic essence is captured and set aside. During the second pass, the neutral alcohol is removed from the wine. After this the essence from the first pass is added back to the de-alcoholised wine, giving you all the flavour without the restriction alcohol.

Lautus De-Alcoholised wines launched in 2017 as the first South African wine alternative in the low and no alcohol drinks category. It was produced like no other and with a single goal in mind: to deliver the best of the grape in the healthiest possible way. By using selected sites that produce wines of high aromatic complexity and balance, Lautus promises a truly exceptional wine experience without the consequences of alcoholic content.

Drink Lautus. The finer choice.

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