Be Inspired!

Be Inspired!

Gone are the days where non-drinkers need to settle for sugary sodas or fruity frescas. Thanks to the growing demand in non-alcholic, alcohol-free and de-alcoholised drinks, consumers don’t need to fret anymore about the “and a soda please” situations we often find ourselves in when out and about. Whether an early morning awaits or you’re the designated driver, the finer choice will always be Lautus.

For us, it is about bringing the the finest quality in it’s purest form to the table.  Our range of wines bring a classic, healthy twist to the scene with site-selected wines that show aromatic complexity and balance for a truly exceptional wine experience.

The vineyards remain the heroes of this alcohol-free story and in selecting distinctive sites followed with cutting-edge technology and techniques, we remain on the forefront of the industry on a mission to bring the highest quality de-alcoholised wine to the world. We will always be, the finer choice.

So, take a seat at the bar and get inspired with pure elegance. Alcohol free.

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