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AND ITS HEALTH BENEFITS Lautus range of de-alcoholised wines are produced with standard wine making practices, while great care is taken to retain all the beautiful flavours to ensure true varietal characters remain in your glass. It also comes with a list of health benefits, even though it’s difficult to know for certain since most

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We’re entering the season of warm drinks, cozy fireplaces and staying indoors. It’s the time to spice up and what better way than with a favourite hot mulled wine recipe. There are a lot of versions of mulled wine in every culture, the most known is probably the traditional German glühwein recipe usually served in

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Stellenbosch, South Africa; October is the month to go sober, but it also marks the month of breast health awareness. To give up alcohol is no easy task but Lautus’ range of de-alcoholised wines provides a pure, elegant and true varietal character to your wine experience without the consequences of alcoholic content. Studies have recently

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Lautus-De-Alcoholised-Sparkling -

The delicate bubbles of sparkling wine have throughout history inspired people to greatness and no less in the production and launch of a de-alcoholised brut-style sparkling wine. It certainly is no small task to find purposeful innovation and develop it creatively into a selection of wines that portray the complexity, elegance and finesse of a

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Gone are the days where non-drinkers need to settle for sugary sodas or fruity frescas. Thanks to the growing demand in non-alcholic, alcohol-free and de-alcoholised drinks, consumers don’t need to fret anymore about the “and a soda please” situations we often find ourselves in when out and about. Whether an early morning awaits or you’re

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De-Alcoholised-Process -

Partaking in Dry January? Or maybe you’re part of the 29% of millennials who are choosing not to drink alcohol?   The increase in people shunning alcohol as a lifestyle choice has led to a rise in low and non-alcoholic drinks because there’s only so much fizzy squash anyone can drink. ConeTech is the Californian-based

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A must on new year’s eve.   INGREDIENTS: ½ cup of Lautus white 60ml sugar 10 mint leaves Thumb size ginger, grated Rest of the bottle of Lautus white 2 cups of sparkling water Fruit like strawberries, pomegranate pips, oranges and mint Ice     METHOD: Heat ½ cup of Lautus white, sugar, mint and

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This is such a refreshing drink for the festive season, and with no guilt added. I just think this is the best de-alcoholised wine with the taste of a shiraz.   INGREDIENTS: Equal parts orange juice and Lautus red Fruit like oranges, grape fruit and blue berries Lots of ice   METHOD: Cut your fruit
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Allan Mullins Woolworths -

A smart low-calorie sip, big on flavour to revolutionise your lifestyle Meet Lautus Savvy White – South Africa’s very first de-alcoholised wine, crafted like no other and with a single goal in mind: to deliver the best of the grape in the healthiest possible way. This means the wine is made traditionally with an additional

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Min Alkohol en Baie Plesier - BEELD Nuusblad Sat 5 Mei 2018 -

Wyn met min kaloriee was eers net ‘n gier, maar met soveel opsies is dit nou pure plesier! Lees gerus meer oor die soort wyn. Wie kan Suid-Afrika se heel eerste wyn met ‘n lae alkohol inhoud onthou?  Dit was die ikoniese TJ Light – natuurlik verwys die TJ nie na die eertydse nommerplaat vir

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